Monday, April 27, 2015

Nintendo Forever

So, my mom and I have been going through my childhood room in preparation for an upcoming garage sale. I'm ok with getting rid most things.

Needless to say, I brought my old N64 back to my apartment with men and managed to hook it up myself.
wires wires everywhere

I immediately started playing again. And doing nothing else.

I told everyone I was playing Mario Kart, because that's still kind of cool/relevant.

But the truth?

Ok, I played Mario Party too. Bowser's a dick. Anyway, that's what I was up to all weekend

Did you guys play Nintendo or Nintendo 64? Anyone still a secret old school gamer?


  1. You know, if you ever feel like this is becoming an addiction, I hear those nostalgic systems sell pretty well. I never was much of a gamer, but that doesn't stop my brain from being polluted with everything from Golden Eye to Ocarina of Time to every rap from PaRappa the Rapper.

  2. I played Ms Pacman once in 1982 at a university bar. Does that count? It's my only gaming experience.

  3. I have never played a video game.


    It sounds like Debra She Who Seeks (comment above) and I might be the only two people left in the world who don't play video games, but it's true. I watched someone play Tetris once.

    A couple years back, my grandmother heard that "kids these days" like video games, so she brough us over Pong from her attic. So I have a Pong game in my closet. I haven't played it yet but I am hoping for big things one of these days!

    1. I am the third person who has never played a video game.

  4. I love video games, especially old school Nintendo. I still have all of my old systems (Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64) and will often hook them up just to play for a weekend. I mean, how can you not love Super Smash Bros? I'm going to play as a big pink marshmallow with eyeballs and punch people in the face. Now THAT'S a good time.

  5. I loved my kids "Pong" until my eight year old neighbor kicked my ass.

  6. Tetris and Mario Bros. on my GameBoy. The original, greyscale one. That's how I rolled.

  7. I didn't allow my kids to have Nintendo. That is why they are geniuses. X bought pong, or whatever it was called, for his family. They sold it in a garage sale. It's probably worth a fortune now.


  8. Oooh I wonder if my Nintendo 64 still works! I know we found it recently and it was a little wonky, especially the games themselves, but how I would LOVE a good game of Space Invaders.

  9. Cool...some are still interested to play this game...

  10. Nintendo forever!!!! I was a huge fan of the mario on N64

  11. My ex was a Nintendo addict, so I am well-aquainted with all of those games. Yoshi's Story is awesome!