Monday, September 18, 2017

A Letter from My Lawyers*

*not really

Hi all. So I read about celebrities who got letters from FTC for nor properly tagged their #sponsored posts. 

And I realized I need to come clean about something. For the sake of bloghonesty. 

Are you ready?

Sorry for not admitting it earlier, you guys. 

#sponsored #cat #blessed 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Ok, this is a slight exaggeration for blogging effect.  
This is not an exaggeration. 

Yep, hurricane season is freaking me out a little bit this year. I hope any readers in Florida (Janie, I'm looking at you) are safe and sound! 

Monday, September 4, 2017

The Fall

No, this title is not about the seasons, nor does it refer to the best episode of BBC's Sherlock ( that.)

Boyfriend and I were hanging out last week, watching tv. Kitty, hopped up on a catnip toy and a new cardboard box I put out, was rampaging around the apartment like a demon from hell. 

She does this most evenings. 

After running around, she usually launches herself to the top of her six foot tall cat tree before leaping onto a large bookshelf and pacing around like a jungle cat. 

She began the process, without realizing that she had left another mouse on the top of the tree. 

Do you know that jump that scared cats do, when they hop backwards into the air extremely quickly? Well, Kitty did that. 

Yes, right off her cat tree and into nowhere. 

I swear, she just hovered in the air for a second, road runner style.  But since she was about about 8 feet up, surrounded by nothing within reach, she fell straight down with a whoosh. 

She ran into the kitchen to tend to her wounded pride. She was fine, of course.  I reacted appropriately. 

Boyfriend missed the fall because he was watching tv instead of staring at the princess. And I stopped laughing eventually. 
 I would have given anything to have caught that on film. But alas, the scene is only burned into my brain.  

What kind of shenanigans have your pets/children gotten into??