Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Boyfriend and I went for a walk last weekend, and then this happened:

Don't worry, it was only a tiny bit of burn. Thank god the weather is finally not total shit. What are your signs of summer?

(And in other news - podcast is coming back this week! We have it done, but the internet is being shitty right now so it won't upload. Womp womp.)


  1. A non-throwback post midweek? Does this mean you're reinvigorated about your blog? I'm happy to hear the podcast is coming back. My "sign of summer" is worrying that I have malaria from all of the mosquito bites littering my body (how did a mosquito get in my armpit?).

  2. This post had a lot of suspense.

    It's not summer for me until I can wring the sweat out of the t-shirt I wear when I run in the evenings.

  3. We're just barely into Spring here. Haven't even seen a friggin' robin yet!

  4. Just got mine too at a yardsale. Bring it on summer!

  5. I've only just transitioned from my seriously puffy parka to a lighter wool coat. If I'm going to get any sunburn, it will have to be on my nose.