Thursday, April 9, 2015

Throwback Thursday: And Then I Fell Down

Throwback Thursday: It's April, so that means walking time. Which means falling time. 
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It was great weather this weekend, so I went for a walk on Saturday.

And then out of nowhere, the stupid evil sidewalk jumped up and tripped me and I fell.

I skinned both my hands and knees pretty badly. I got up and powerwalked back to my apartment.

You guys, skinning your hands and knees HURTS. No wonder kids are always crying. Seriously.

I texted Boyfriend:

Luckily Boyfriend soon arrived with bandaids.

He patched me up as much as he could.

And I spent the rest of the night moaning about my injuries.


  1. You're a brave woman, to have something like that happen to you and be able to write about it in such emotional and realistic detail.

  2. Sorry, that should be


  3. Owie! The only thing better than a band-aid to make you feel better is a Hello Kitty band-aid. Or one of those ones that look like strips of bacon.