Thursday, January 29, 2015

Throwback Thursday: YAY SUPERBOWL!

Throwback Thursday: Here's hoping that the seahawks pull out another win! Behold, the magic of last year....
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So if you’ve been listening to the blogcast, you know Boyfriend is from Seattle and is a biiiig Seahawks Fan.

And if you’ve been following American sports at all, you’ll know that the seahawks made it to the superbowl this year. Boyfriend got pretty stressed out during playoff games.

The Seahawks have never won the superbowl, though they got robbed a couple of years back. So you can imagine how Boyfriend was before/during the superbowl.

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Anyway, 4 stressful hours later, it was all over. AND THE SEAHAWKS WON!!

[QUICK NOTE: So, I said stressful because I wrote this earlier in the day Sunday. But really, it wasn't that stressful. It was all kinds of awesome.]

(Yes, I prepared a version of this post for a possible loss. Glad I didn’t have to use it!)

Did you guys watch? What did ya think?


  1. That is how a fan is supposed to act!

  2. I'm curious about that "censored" panel. Shouldn't it be lower to cover Boyfriend's crotch? Unless what he did to calm down was suck his thumb, of course. You're confusing me.

  3. I have no idea what's going on (typical). Have they already played the stupor bowl, or have the seahawks won some play-off game? I had forgotten, if I ever knew, that Boyfriend was from Seattle. I spent three of the happiest years of my life living near Seattle.


    Go Seahawks, or whatever.

  4. I think we need less "Throw Backs".