Thursday, January 15, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Boyfriend's Career Choices

Throwback Thursday: Boyfriend is currently working on some other entrepreneurial efforts. (No, not drug dealing. Property management. Geez, what do you think of us?) But I do like this post. Boyfriend for Senate 2016!

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If you listened to the blogcast last week, you’ll know Boyfriend is not too happy at work right now, and is thinking seriously about his career. I figured since I wrote about career choices for myself not too long ago,  Boyfriend would benefit from the same.

Career Option 1

Career Option 2

Career Option 3

Notice the American flag pin. I'm all about accuracy here.

Did I say senator? I think I mean King of America. Same idea. Do you guys have any ideas for Boyfriend?


  1. Call a big meeting with all the senior military and intelligence staff. All of them, in the biggest room in the pentagon. Set off a really big bomb when the meeting is to start. Bring all the troops home, and stop picking fights. The American military leadership has been humiliating itself for decades now, time to stop. Prosecute the shit out of the Wall St robber barons, then prosecute them again. And again if they still have money. Forgive all outstanding student loans and medical debts. So called Obamacare is barely a good start. Implement a real heath care system. Clean up campaign finance bribery and corruption by forbidding secret money, candidates have to declare all donors and amounts. There's more, but I have to leave for work. This is a good start, though.

  2. I have several friends who are property managers. Not an easy way to make a living. I probably shouldn't tell you this but once a disgruntled tenant stole one friend's cat and dumped it off in another community 30 miles away. But the cat made it back home okay, thank goodness!