Monday, January 12, 2015

Sick Kitty

During the holidays, something pretty unsettling happened.

Something was wrong with my kitty. Her inner eyelid was showing on one eye, which is not supposed to happen. I brought her to the vet that afternoon.

The vet said it might be a virus or infection (she was hanging out with some other cats over Christmas and could have caught it from them).

So I brought her home and closely monitored the situation.

My. Entire. Weekend.
However, by the end of the weekend my poor kitty was WORSE.

Her eye was getting cloudy too, and other one was getting red. So I was back at the vet’s on Monday.

I brought her home and continued my vigilance.

Luckily, these meds actually worked, and Kitty’s eyes improved. Two days later, I brought her to the vet again to confirm.

So, that’s pretty much that. Kitty costs a small fortune, but she’s nearly all fixed. As cat owners know, it’s important to pay attention to kitty’s eyes. An untreated infection could have left her blind in one eye.  

She’d rock an eyepatch, though. #PirateKitty


  1. BUT YOU COULD HAVE HAD A CYCLOPS CAT! What, treating a living animal as a personal novelty isn't very humane? I'll see myself out. (Glad your cat isn't partially blind.)

  2. Glad to hear your cat's doing well. My oldest is susceptible to eye infections. I don't know which is more fun - taking her to the vet, paying the bill, or trying to use those eye drops on her twice a day? Ah, the joys of owning a cat!

  3. "That will be all your money"

    Funny if it probably wasn't just about true! I still laughed.

  4. During the last few months Harper was alive I spend about a thousand bucks on him at the vet's office. He was worth every fucking penny and more.


  5. I'm glad that Kitty is now better and that your vet can now afford to put her eldest child through university.

  6. First time visiting; glad to hear your kitty is on the mend. Two things I should have been when I was younger, a vet or a plumber. Both are needed, both charge a lot and both you pretty much need to pay (or put on credit card) before you get any work done.