Monday, January 5, 2015

I’m Back and New Year’s Resolutions

Sorry for the unexplained absence. (You know, if you noticed. Which you probably didn't. In which case, nevermind.) As part of my Christmas gift, Boyfriend got me professional help for my insanely slow laptop.

Anyway, it took a few days longer than expected. But now it’s back and runs faster.

It’s really pretty good now. It runs like a normal 4 year old computer, and doesn’t take 5 minutes to open an app. Victory!

Other topic: Okay everyone, it’s 2015. You know what that means!

I feel like my lady gaga outfit (minus the duck hat) also makes a good New Years outfit.

What’s my resolution, you ask? Well, to keep up the theme of the past few years:

working on it 

What about you all? Resolutions?


  1. I've read that the key to resolutions is to make them attainable. I think one pull up is attainable.World's Best Girlfriend? Now that might be unrealistic. There are women who have to audition to become Tom Cruise's girlfriend, you have to be a pretty great girlfriend to make it through an audition process. And there's nothing creepy about that.

  2. A triathlete buddy of mine worked for years to do one pull up. She can reliably do a sub 12 ironman, is hard as nails, and could barely, after many years, do that one chin up and was knackered for a week after. Much simpler to be Worlds Best Girlfriend. Two rules. Show up naked. Bring beer.

  3. One of my resolutions is also to do a pull up! YAY! Pull up buddies!

  4. I like your list, short and sweet. At this point, my list is to actually write some resolutions or goals. Hmmm. Pet my cats more, maybe? I could do the pull up thing, but I'm not sure what I would pull up on?? My I should just do a push up.

  5. Great goals. I'll second Pickleope, though, attainable is key. Pull ups are hard. Continuing something you already rock at? I'm pretty convinced you've got that!

  6. I don't care about pull ups, but best wishes with yours.


  7. I didn't realize pull ups were that hard. Apparently I'm Superman. So now that I've conquered one pull up, this year I'm going to take up smoking and then immediately give it up.

    ...And done. See? That was easy. Attainable goals, that's what it's all about.

  8. I'm in love with your Lady Ga Ga outfit! No joke, that is the best MS paint outfit I've ever seen!