Welcome to the Blogcast/Podcast page! Boyfriend and I record weeklyish podcasts where we discuss our lives and news and pop culture and politics and whatever else we want. Instead of digging through the archives, you can view them all here. You can also subscribe on iTunes here

[Note: You can click the link for the full post that introduces the blogcast, or just listen to them all directly from here.]

Blogcast 28: Boyfriend's Puppy is Sick :(

Blogcast 27: I Remember Popcorn

Blogcast 26: I Found an Apartment!

Blogcast 25: We Tell Stories

Blogcast 24: I'm Such a Weirdo

Blogcast 23: I'm Posting this Late...Oopsies

Blogcast 22: Boyfriend's Life was Just Like That 70's Show

Blogcast 21: Paleo Wins and Your Brain Hates You

Blogcast 20: Number Patterns, Drugs, and Planes

Blogcast 19: Bitcoins and Economics and Cheese!

Blogcast 18: A Food Quiz and a Bathroom Break

Blogcast 17: Lots of Things but Mostly Hunger

Blogcast 16: Bumper Stickers, Seahawks, Olympics, and Rising Wage Inequality in the US

Blogcast 15: Serial Killer or Child?

Blogcast 14: Weed and Wills and Cheese

Blogcast 13: Calories and Alcohol and Words and Stuff (1/24/14)

Blogcast 12: Existentialism, Bridgegate, and Porn. You're welcome. (1/21/14)

Blogcast 11: Post Christmas and Porn! (1/10/14)

Blogcast 10: Christmas Podcast 2 (12/20/13)

Blogcast 9: Christmas Podcast 1 (12/13/13)

Blogcast 8: Hunger Games and Bathroom Habits (12/13/13)

Blogcast 7: It's Almost Thanksgiving (11/27/13)

Blogcast 6: Popcorn and Things (11/22/13)

Blogcast 5: Grumpy Boyfriend (11/19/13)

Blogcast 4: Fa la la la Rum Balls (11/15/13)

Blogcast 3: 10/31/2013

Blogcast 2: 10/25/2013

Blogcast 1: 10/17/2013 

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