Thursday, January 9, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Career Choices

A new blog feature! Yaaaay! Well, kind of. I was reading some old blog posts that I had basically forgotten about (is that self indulgent, to read your own archive?), and I realized I wanted to somehow feature them again. So I decided that on Thursdays, I'd repost an old blog post that I thought was pretty good. If you're newish around here and don't want to dig through the archives yourself, enjoy! If you're anyways! Woo!
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So, I currently work for a nonprofit. I won’t be doing this particular job forever, and lately I’ve been thinking about what my career options are. I’ve come up with a few:

Ok, I don’t know why I thought dance was an option. Hmm, I’m kind of handy.

I did not think that one through. Next!

I have a thing about pulses…I don’t know.

I don’t see a  downside here.

What’s your dream job?


  1. I frequently read my old posts... It helps maintain my 'voice'. Plus, I forget stuff easily...

  2. Your stuff is good the second time around as well.

  3. I read my old stuff all the time, it helps me remember the things I've either repressed for my emotional well-being or drunk forgot.

    Now to the real task at hand, the obvious career choice is princess. But you have to talk boyfriend into becoming a plumber, so you guys can live happily ever after as Super Mario characters/cosplay enthusiasts.

  4. I sometimes read my old stuff, too. Sometimes it can help with new ideas, and help to judge what kind of reaction something might get.

    The professional princess things sounds pretty good to me! :-)

  5. Dream job? I don't know anymore. I'm already a princess, or what some folks might call "a kept woman". It's good work, if you can get it. I love it when I get editing jobs. Correcting people is so much fun.


  6. It's so nice to sometimes travel back in time and reread your old blog posts. Though a lot of mine are bittersweet.

    Dream job? Valve. I'd love to work for them one day.

  7. You would definitely rock the mario plumber moustache. I'm a huge advocate for any profession where a moustache is encouraged actually. xx

  8. I want to be a professional princess too!

    I never look at my old posts. Most of them sucked.