Thursday, August 28, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Pie Making

Throwback Thursday, because I made Boyfriend an apple pie last week! Pie pie pie. Pie.
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I came into an abundance of blueberries recently, and decided to make a pie.

Here’s how I did it, in 29 easy steps.

1. Look for a recipe with positive reviews.

2. Look at the comments and all the adjustments.

3. Go crazy.

4. Do some fancy math and create your own recipe.

Math. I did it.
5. Wash blueberries.

6. Eat some.

7. Measure them.

8. Know your limits. Add extra for snacking.

9. Keep snacking on those blueberries.

10. Put all the dry ingredients together and mix with blueberries

11. Taste some.

12. Realize how delicious blueberries + sugar is and go to town on the bowl.

13. Feel shame.

14 Put blueberries in pie shell

15. Cover and vent

16. Put in oven and do some fancy math to figure out how long and what temperature to cook for

17. Check pie after 15 minutes. See that crust fell down in one spot. Panic.

18. Be concerned that you ate too much blueberries.

19. Wish you had eaten more blueberries when you had the chance.

20. Consider napping because 50 minutes is  a long time for something to bake.

21. Take pie out of oven when timer goes off.

22. Panic til Boyfriend arrives

23.  Allow Boyfriend to praise pie

(It was the first time he saw me since this)

24. Cut pie. See it’s watery.

 I know its blurry I was in a rush shut up

25. Freak out.

26. Get assured pie is delicious

27. Eat pie.

28. Eat more pie.


And that’s how you make a blueberry pie.  


  1. Willy Dunne Wooters loves blueberries. He would be thrilled with your pie.


  2. I prefer taste to presentation.

  3. I made an apple pie once. It was super sweet because I added too much sugar. My family wasn't too fond of it.

    Oh well, more sweet pie for me.

  4. A friend of mine once tried to bake a pie and set it on fire. I don't know how he managed that, but he did. I'd say yours turned out pretty good. It looks awesome. Well, LOOKED, since it's long since eaten...