Thursday, August 21, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Butter Coffee

Sadly (or not), butter coffee has appeared to fallen out of fashion. Here's to bringing it back! (Not that I've actually tried it. I haven't. Ooops.)
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Have you guys heard of bulletproof coffee (or butter coffee)? Boyfriend has recently started using it.

Apparently blending is key to making it look like a real coffee and not black gunk with oil sitting on it. 

Don't stand between me and my breakfast. 

Boyfriend swears it's delicious, but I'm skeptical. Have you guys tried it? Or would you?


  1. I've never even heard of butter coffee but to tell you the truth, it sounds disgusting. Give me Froot Loops and chocolate milk any day -- the breakfast of champions!

  2. Blerf. I think I'd prefer hunger.

  3. I think I vomited in my mouth. I love coffee and butter but they should not mix! I also don't trust butter that only eats grass.

  4. I've never heard of it. Boyfriend is nuts. The only coffee I like is Panera's frozen mocha with whipped cream. And chocolate syrup. I only have it four or five times of year because I want to continue living.


  5. Pretty sure my best friend used to drink bulletproof coffee during one of his I'm-going-to-detox-and-go-totally-healthy phases....

  6. I've stopped drinking coffee since I discovered that it was the caffeine (as opposed to the mass amounts of sugar and cream I put into it) that was causing me to crash.

  7. Never heard of it. But if anyone were to EVER fuck with my coffee, I would end them. I will not have that shit, I will not have it.