Thursday, February 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Food Hangover

Since many of you (especially my American readers) may have been experiencing this yourself on Monday, I figured this is an appropriate #throwbackthursday post. Enjoy!
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So. Boyfriend and I had a date on Friday. I had pizza. It was delicious and I had enough for leftovers.
Naturally, on Saturday, I ate the rest of the pizza. Then Boyfriend came over and we got burritos because it was Cinco de Mayo and/or because I love burritos regardless of the day.

We had guacamole and chips, too.
Oh, and I have this thing going on where I feel super sick if I eat a ton of fried/fatty/greasy delicious foods. Like cheese and chips and burritos.  I ate all this:

And all of it was pretty much:

Then we tried to watch some Game of Thrones. I've found that if I read the wikipedia page on the episode   so I know what's coming, I can handle it. And Boyfriend can tell by my whimpering and hiding under the covers that something bad is going to happen, so he's clued in too. But anyway, I really wasn't feeling so great.

Yeah. I'm never having pizza and chips and burritos in one 24 hour period again. 


  1. Have you tried getting a cold? I have one of those now, and guacamole, chips, pizza, burritos, etc all sound awful. I haven't eaten all week, and thanks to the "cold" diet, I've already lost 5 lbs I don't have any right losing!

  2. Ugh I'm on the cold diet too!

    I can't control myself around any of those food items. I feel your stomach pains.