Friday, January 25, 2013

Football Season is Coming to an End

I decided to have a little chat with Popsicle the Polar Bear and Allie.

Me: Hey guys! How’s it going?
Popsicle: How about those football games last weekend! Yeah!
Allie: Yes, we watched the football games and very much enjoyed the footballing.
Popsicle: WOOHOOO 49ers!!!
Allie: Yes, that’s the team we were cheering for.
Me: Allie…do you even like football?
Allie: Yes, yes I do. We like to watch the men throw the football around the court-
Popsicle: FIELD
Allie: Right, field. It’s a fun thing for us to watch together.
Me: Allie, who else is in the superbowl?
Allie: The what?
Popsicle: Damnit, Allie! The Ravens!
Allie: I would like to eat a raven.
Popsicle: Why is it always about food with you?
Allie: Uhh…how about because I’m a motherfreaking alligator, Popsicle! Those arms of the footballers look tasty!
Popsicle: Player. They’re football players.
Allie: Yeah yeah, same thing. Anyway, we can’t wait to watch the big bowl together!
Popsicle: SUPERBOWL! And you promise not to talk the whole time again??
Allie: …
Popsicle: Allie….
Allie:  You know I can’t do that.
Popsicle: Damnit.
Popsicle: 49ers!
Allie: What? I’m only seven away!
Me: Eh, close enough.
Popsicle: Leave me alone. I’ll watch the game with Boyfriend.

How do you guys feel about the superbowl? Are you more Allie-like or Popsiclely?


  1. SHHHHHHHH! You know you can't say the "SB" word, it's trademarked. That's why in all the commercials they call it "the big game." I like watching to see which player in his 20's has the brain of an 80 year old from all the concussions.

  2. Sure, football is almost over, but at least we have hockey now!

  3. I'm a Popsicler. Especially since MY TEAM is actually playing in the "big game" this year!! Woo-hoo, go Ravens! :)

  4. Football ended for me with the delicious destruction of Notre Dame by Alabama. I'll watch the pro games but they really don't do much for me.

    I'm over two weeks into my depression over this.

  5. Allie and Popsicle or Gia and Boyfriend? I'm excited to see team A play team B at my friend's superbowl party next weekend because there will be lots of food and fun commercials. That's what it's about, right?

  6. I kind of fell off the football wagon a few years back (my husband is a devout bills fan and I liked Brett fare...'Nuff said?) I find the brother thing sort of interesting this year though. We are seeing Blue Man Group early in the day, so I will be ready for couch time...and snacks...lots and lots of snacks!

  7. I'm all over the Superbowl. I'm from the Bay Area so go 9ers!!!

  8. I'm rooting for the Ravens because they are the underdogs in the big game and I hope the score stays close to the end. My San Diego Chargers have a whole off season to think up new ways to disappoint their fans.

  9. I make Allie look like a raving football fanatic who knows every stat for the game, knows each player personally, and their wives, and the player's girlfriends, drug dealers, and arms merchant, as well as the wive's girlfriend too.

    Football, as played by the NFL and the CFL is a game for weenies. Overdressed nancy-boy weenies. All that protective equipment. All the rests between what passes for action. Players that play only a small part of the game. Playing indoors.

  10. That is very similar to every single conversation I have at work with the sport mad cubicle dwellers.

  11. FORTY-TWOers! Bwah! I am not going to stop saying that until somebody bribes me with a can of chips to stop.

  12. I watch the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. Nuff said.

  13. I'm a football nut, as is my partner. However, my love of the game only extends to the Nebraska Cornhuskers while she watches every team religiously. She is a 49rs fan as well.