Thursday, July 12, 2012

Allie Thinks It's Hot, Too

Okay. I'm in a part of the country where it's been ridiculously hot out.  Even Allie the Alligator thinks so.

Me: Hey Allie!
Allie: Hey Gia.
Me: How’s it going?
Allie: It’s hot.
Me: I know.
Allie: Popsicle thinks it’s hot too.
Me: I’m sure.
Allie: It wouldn’t kill you to leave the ac on when you go to work, you know.
Me: You’re kidding, right?
Allie: …
Me: Allie, I’m not leaving the ac on for a plastic alligator.
Allie: That hurts, Gia.
Me: Sorry. I’m not made of money.
Allie: How do you propose I keep cool?
Me: I’ll fill up a Tupperware container of cold water for you.
Allie: I’m a ferocious alligator! That isn’t going to satisfy me!

Allie: Actually…this is quite nice. Where’s Popsicle?
Me: Hmmm..dunno. Where’d you see him last?
Allie: Around here somewhere.  Oh, I know. Open the freezer.

Allie: There he is!
Me: Wow.
Popsicle: I’m  POLAR BEAR, Gia.

Popsicle: Leave me alone.
Me: C'mon, come out from there.
Popsicle: I’m a polar bear, Gia. It gets to be 84 degrees in here when you leave.
Me: I know, I know.
Popsicle: I’M A POLAR BEAR!!!!
Me: Okay! Sheesh. You can stay there.
Popsicle: Give me a spoon. This froyo looks good.
Allie: ME TOO!

So, in recent news: it’s hot.


  1. Yeah, it's unreasonably hot everywhere. I thought alligator's liked the hot, though. That's why they hang out in Florida. It's science, old people and alligators like the heat. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to call animal control, an old lady just ate the neighbor's dog.

  2. I love that you have a polar bear in your freezer. I don't love that it's been in the 90s with no rain for three weeks and the 10-day forecast shows no change. Ugh. I might just crawl in the freezer with polar bear...if he promises to share the fro yo.

  3. I wouldn't want to be the one to explain to the alligator that ice cream is bad for them. Gives them brain freeze and then they are even grumpier than normal.

  4. The weather here has been crazy this month. Either it's unbearably hot or it's raining so hard. I don't know what to wear anymore.

    I wish I could stay inside the freezer like Popsicle when it's hot. And Allie is definitely sexy!

  5. I wonder how many friends you will find in your freezer today...coincidentally, I stood in my fridge yesterday.

  6. When I win the lottery I'm going to build a new house and it will have a Walk-in Refrigerator! Like they had for wine at a grocery stores I was in awhile back. That would be so awesome!

  7. Would Allie like your bath tub or kitchen sink better? Just a thought. Keep cool! :)

  8. It'd be awesome if you could leave the animals in the freezer so the next time a guest comes to visit and open the freezer, they see a plastic alligator and a stuffed polar bear chilling in the ice box.

    I find it hilarious that you made a bath for the alligator, too!

  9. You need more frozen yum-yums to survive this heat than one carton of fro yo! Where are the fudgesicles?!

  10. I guess I'm not old enough yet for Florida cuz I think it's miserable here during the summer. But winter is great!


  11. Oh, Gia. I just wanted you to know that this was all kinds of awesome and also that I TOTES feel your pain. It is supposed to get to 77 here today OUTSIDE!!! And it's calling for 79 TOMORROW! And I don't even think they MAKE A/C in Washington state. It might be illegal, on account of all our green-ness and what-not. Come to think of it, I don't think I have seen a SINGLE blowdryer here, either. I'm totes submitting this to First World Pains.

  12. 86 degrees? Pssh. It's been 104 here for days without end. 94 INSIDE (I don't leave my AC on for my dogs when I leave the house, either, but they haven't complained seeing as OH MY GOD YOU THINK I'M LEAVING THE HOUSE IN THIS HEAT?). 86 seems positively arctic.

  13. I'm not sure how to tell you this, but I don't think your meds are working.

    Or they're working REALLY well.

    One of those.

  14. It's been triple digits in my neck of the woods. I'd crawl in the freezer too if I could fit.

  15. Helllo Ben & Jerrys!!! nom nom nom :) Yes, it's very hot here too!! lol

  16. I'll be honest, I wish I could fit in my freezer. My head fits, and that's what goes in a few times a day.

  17. The contents of your freezer is creepily similar to my own. Also, if I could get in my freezer I just might.