Thursday, March 15, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Polar Bear

Me: Hi Popsicle.
Popsicle: Hi.
Me: How’s it going?
Popsicle: Okay.
Me: Soooo….you’re celebrating St Paddy’s Day, huh?
Popsicle: Allie made me.
Me: I see. Are you drunk?
Popsicle: Yep.
Me: How much did you drunk?
Popsicle: A lot.
Me: What’s going on? Why aren’t you talking?
Popsicle: I’m talking.
Me: Are you upset?
Popsicle: No. Though your roommate has single handedly murdered at least a dozen polar bears with her excessive blow dryer use, Gia.
Me: I know, I know. And I’m not fond of the electric bill, either.
Popsicle: Meh.
Me: So why are you quiet?
Popsicle: Dunno.
Me: How’s Allie?
Popsicle: Good. She’s good. We’re good. Sometimes I like quiet time, though…
Me: Are you one of those paranoid shifty drunks?
Popsicle: What? No.
Me: No?
Popsicle: Did you hear that?
Me: Hear what?
Popsicle: Is that Allie?
Me: Hear what?
Popsicle: Shit, she’s back already? I JUST saw her.
Me: I don’t hear anything.
Popsicle: I gotta go.
Me: Wow.
Popsicle: ByehappystpatricksdayGia!



  1. Lol I absolutely adore Popsicle's St. Patrick's Day ornamentation! Too cute...!

    You know, it's pretty neat the way you're able to give all your little people such clear and well defined personalities.

  2. I'm enjoying the drunk animals. Paranoid drunks are more fun than angry drunks at least.

  3. I like suggestible drunks:

    Drunk guy: I'm so drunk right now.
    Me: Hey, wouldn't it be a good idea to bash your head on that wall?
    Drunk guy: Hey, YEAH!
    Me: And then you could give me your wallet to look after.
    Drunk Guy: Great idea!

  4. I have a feeling Allie is being bitey, err clingy. Poor Popsicle.

  5. That would be a great bumper sticker - every time you blow dry your hair, you kill a polar bear!

  6. awhh poor drunk popsicle ...maybe if he has a few more he will become more lively?

  7. What I want to know is how those beads were earned...I'm just saying.

  8. It's ok Popsicle, we all need a little me time.

  9. LOL! I know how popsicle feels, I have the same terror when I boyfriend arrives home early to find I've got started on the vodka alone. Again. x

  10. I may have to borrow Popsicle's bling..

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    It's easy to vote - nothing complicated. Thanks!

  12. Popsicle is like my girlfriend's stuffed animal polar bear Anthony. He has a drinking problem too.

  13. Gaw...drunk polar bears are such drama queens.

  14. Sometimes we all need a little alone drink a lot, Pops.

  15. So now I know. There's bourbon in all that Coke those polar bears are swigging, right?

  16. I love drunks. I plan on marrying one.

  17. I love Popsicle! Now, I keep picturing Allie all koala style hugging him like you did on Boyfriend in your hug post and it cracks me up!
    Happy St. Patty's Day!!!

  18. I'm loving these comments almost as much as the zany post! You've got a community of comedic geniuses here, Gia.