Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Boyfriend's Career Choices

If you listened to the blogcast last week, you’ll know Boyfriend is not too happy at work right now, and is thinking seriously about his career. I figured since I wrote about career choices for myself not too long ago,  Boyfriend would benefit from the same.

Career Option 1

Career Option 2

Career Option 3

Notice the American flag pin. I'm all about accuracy here.

Did I say senator? I think I mean King of America. Same idea. Do you guys have any ideas for Boyfriend?


  1. Being an avid listener of the pod--sorry--blogcast, I now have Boyfriend's voice to go along with this and that enhances the experience.
    But how dare you think he can run for office. He has nuanced thought and the audacious belief that change is possible. Oh, god, I think I'm smothering myself with my own cynicism!

  2. He wants to actually help people? Sorry, he'll never get elected. Alternative choices: how about a high class escort? Millionaire playboy? Drug lord?

    I think I watch too much TV.

  3. Does he have nice hands? 'Cause I'm thinking hand model.

  4. I love ladyparts rights for all of America.

    Personally, I don't think you can top King of America, except if you're lotto winner and never have to work, but that's my career aspiration.

  5. Why can't he just be a Professional Boyfriend? You can pay him to make you sandwiches and rub your feet!