Monday, January 6, 2014

How to Prevent Freezing to Death

So last week, I was affected by the blizzard. The blizzard itself wasn’t too worrisome –

But it was accompanied by strong winds and freezing cold temperatures. And as we’ve discussed before, everything in my apartment is electric and I have no access to a 
fireplace. An uncomfortable thought soon occurred.

What do you do if you lose power when it’s snowing heavily and only 7 degrees outside?? I freaked out a tiny bit. Boyfriend wasn’t super helpful.

I googled hypothermia.

I asked Boyfriend.

I came up with my own fantasy solution

And I took the only realistic precautions I could.

Luckily, I didn’t lose power and everything turned out fine.

Think of all I'd save on the heating bill.


  1. Sure, you'd save on heating bills but your medical costs would skyrocket. "Here, kitty, just stay still, cuddli--OW! Why are you--OW! Do you really need to claw everything you sleep on?"

  2. This is why I have four dogs. The warmth they generate - from their body heat, and the constant farts - is second to none. I didn't say it was pleasant, only that it was warm.

  3. I spent nearly two weeks at my MILs. She keeps the house at 64°, which I found miserable. Now it's in the twenties and I'm cold to the bone.

  4. It is great to cuddle with the kitties during the cold weather. I have four, and they're great to cuddle with.

  5. I stayed in bed till 4 this afternoon. I couldn't get up. Harper, the very large smooth Collie/malinois mix, cuddled up against me so moving became impossible. I had to beg to get up and have something to eat.


  6. You are now the inventor of the kitten blanket. You can make a fortune x

  7. My phone says it is 9 outside. 9 freakin' degrees! Stay in the bed with the cats!

  8. I can't stand cardio either. I need to gain weight, not lose it!

  9. No lie, I let the cats all sleep in my room when it was bitter cold that week. They provided some warmth and I was going to use it! For all the litter I've scooped, I deserved it!