Monday, November 5, 2012

Things I Do Not Like About Hurricanes

 So, I have some posting to catch up on. And I probably still don't have power, because my current expected restoration time is Monday at 11 pm. But today’s post is something I wrote whilst it was hurricaning out. Look, I even drafted it in a notebook, see:

Things I Do Not Like About Hurricanes

1. Losing Power
This happened at about 4 pm Monday. Not fun at all. It was like this:

Then sirens started going off and I knew I was done for.

Seriously uncool.

2. Super Scary Sounding Explosions that Turned Out To Be Transformers Blowing

This is what it sounded like:

 This is what it actually was:

My reaction: 

3. No internet or laptop

I didn’t want to use my laptop at all after I lost power, so I could use it to charge my my iphone. And thank god for that iphone

Boys boys..don't fight over me.
Seriously though. It got me though the storm

4. Losing Contact with Boyfriend
Boyfriend texted that he lost power Monday night. Then I didn’t hear from him ALL DAY TUESDAY.

 It turns out a cell tower went down so he had no service at all and had to shut his phone off. But I didn't know that.

On a scale of 1 to ten, that makes me super insanely nutty

Luckily, he texted me when he got power back, 3 am Wednesday morning. Lucky bastard.

5. Being Cold
It got pretty cold:
It sucked.

6. Running out of wine.

Bad fucking planning on my part. I need to get a bigger apartment so there’s room for the wine cellar I plan on installing.

7. Being Forced to Read Cosmo by Flashlight

Seriously, I had to put down the iphone at a certain point to conserve some battery. That was all I had around. Nuff said.

8. Not Blogging or Tweeting
I went from being all happy like this:

To this: 

Understandably, service hasn’t been great. I miss blogs.

In conclusion, hurricanes are scary piles of bullshit.  I'm grateful it wasn't worse for me, but ugh. Next post: What happens when you lose power for ____ days (I leave that blank because at the time of typing up/scheduling this post, I still don't have power. It's Saturday at 7 pm and I'm at a Starbucks)


  1. Indeed they are scary piles of bullshit. Glad you're okay and didn't lose much more than power for a few days.

  2. Glad all you lost was power, seems like you almost lost the boyfriend :)

  3. I drafted posts in a notebook too. It's actually part of my guide to living like the Amish (which goes up Wed)

    That's really shitty you still had no power. Glad you got it back yesterday though! I missed blogging a lot.

  4. As prepared as I thought I could be for the storm, I was not prepared to read Cosmo by lantern light either. I don't even know why I get that dumb magazine, and the fact that I was so bored I was reduced to reading that... well... rough times, my friend.

  5. Yikes, that sounds pretty rough, but at least you didn't lose much more than power and a bit of your sanity. Also, I'm not sure of the context, but I love in your notes how the first thing I notice is "MY CHEESE!"

  6. My cheese! LOL sorry you didn't have power girl.

  7. Welcome to our are now initiated hard.

  8. the "teasing of the lights": seriously cruel and just plain unnecessary. I can't help but agree with how completely nutter such an experience would make me - Eat All The Cheese!! -- except, I willing put myself in this situation each summer when I go camping.
    Not sure why one is torture, and the other is fun.
    It might be the fire...or more specifically, the marshmallows over the fire.

  9. Ugh. I've never dealt with a hurricane, but we get tornadic and blizzard conditions that cause us to lose power here and I AM THE WORST. I don't even have a smartphone, so no power means no Internet or anything at all. The whole time I'm paranoid about the food in my house and pissed I can't tweet that I'm pissed at Mother Nature.

    But thank goodness you're okay, warm, full of cheese and back in touch with reality. Yay for electricity! Boo for crappy weather!

  10. That sounds absolutely awful. Especially the part about running out of wine. I am so sorry. Hope everything is up and running for you very soon.

  11. No more . . . gulp . . . wine? NO MORE WINE??? Oh, the humanity!! I was stocked full of wine and never lost power. If you were closer, I would have gladly shared my wine. I mean, that's what you do in times of emergency, right? ;)

  12. I can't believe that you ran out of wine! When the weather jerks say "storm" my first stop is the liquor store!

  13. Erf, scary stuff. Where was the BF during all of this? Hugs are very necessary in these situations

  14. I agree with Winopants, just where WAS bf all this time especially if he had powered restored on Sat am?? Or how come he didn't come to your place to keep you company, or is this your two's way of "protection"?, lol!!

  15. Being without electricity drives me to drink. That's why I turn off the lights and pretend the power's not working -- every single weekend.


  16. man! no twitter or wine? that is a scary experience. nevermind about the trees blowing over and fuze boxes exploding.

  17. You poor thing! No wine, power, OR hugs?? That's the worst!