Thursday, June 19, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Amish?

Throwback Thursday: Amish people can have cats, right?
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Texting between Boyfriend and me:

Boyfriend: I just had an Amish soft pretzel. Best food ever.

Boyfriend: Those Amish soak everything in butter.

Me: I should be Amish.
Boyfriend: Good luck with that.
Me: Do Amish have hair straighteners?

Boyfriend: Yes.
Me:  I could totes be Amish then. Easy peasy.
Boyfriend: I know some people. I could get you in. butter heaven.
Me: I don’t do bonnets, btw.

Me: Do Amish eat cake?
Boyfriend: Yes.
Me: Perfect.

Seriously. What’s not to love about being amish? You get soft pretzels and cake and things in butter. And I heard they can use cell phones because those don’t have cords, so I can still get my internet. Where’s the bad?

I think I’m leaning towards becoming Amish, guys!

Welp, it was worth a list.  


  1. Plus you have to churn all that butter.

    Funny as usual!

    1. The churning is how they eat all that butter and still stay less than obese.

  2. Their pretzels are beyond belief delicious, but I don't want to ride in a buggy pulled by a horse with a million people in cars behind me just waiting for the chance to run me down. I would, however, like to be the Amish woman played by Kelly McGillis in the movie where Harrison Ford is a police detective who is wounded and shows up at the Amish farm because he knows the bad guys are coming to get the little Amish boy. Witness! I just remembered the title. Love that movie. Harrison was still fairly young and good looking.