Monday, June 9, 2014

Letters for Kitty

Since I moved, Operation Get a Cat is in progress. Boyfriend hooked me up with contact info for a nearby cat rescue organization, so I need to email the woman in charge.

BRB gotta go send an email!


  1. It's your "goal in life"? Well, I guess they always say to make your goals achievable. How about, "instead of murdering those kittens, please let me have one and I'll slowly kill it for you." No?

    1. Kill it with cuddles, perhaps! (Or overfeeding.)

  2. Why not bargain? "I will take ten of your finest cats, please...No? Ok, then just one will suffice."

  3. I think my four year old read this before I did. She's been begging me for a cat and using every argument she can think of. Her latest plea was that she would name it Frisky and feed it hamburger. She really needs to work on her arguments, but then again she is only four.

    I hope you get your kitty soon! Maybe we can compare notes.

  4. Just remember, if they ask you "Will you dress this cat up in little baby clothes?" the correct answer is always "NO."

  5. I did not know it was so difficult to get a kitty.

  6. Why don't you go to the humane society and take the kitty that's next in line for execution?


  7. good luck getting a kitty! if they say no you could go to shelter

  8. WOOOOOO KITTY! I would of just sent a photo of me dressed as a cat asking if I could adopt a baby x

  9. My Dad promised my sister a cat if she got into Vet School and now that she's gotten in, he's been ignoring her.

    Typical Dad.