Monday, June 30, 2014

My Free Time, in Charts

I have a problem, you guys. And that problem is a freaking adorable kitten who has taken over my life. The evidence:

Excuse me, but I think kitty is getting up from a nap. You know what that means.


  1. Now wait a second, I've heard your podcast, that first chart needs to be adjusted to include way more "Food" and "Food Thoughts." Also, Boyfriend is getting short shrift on both charts. The kitty is like a living new toy, eventually you and the cat will settle into a stasis and balance will be restored.

  2. Wait till you get a laser pointer. Your furniture will never be the same. Oh, did I mention one of our cats is going in for dental work ~$2000?

  3. And judging by today's blog post comprising of two circles and you dangling a fishing pole, I'd say kitty is cutting into blog time as well. :)

    (I'm playing with my cat right now, so... no judgment)

  4. Keep that pie chart the way it is and Kitty will always be happy.