Monday, June 2, 2014

WOOHOO New Apartment!

So, I moved last week. Overall, it was a pretty simple move. Though this happened. 

Yep, I lost power on my first day. With all the power trouble I had at my old place, I really hope that this was just a weird coincidence and not an omen. 

Anyway, the apartment is bigger than my old place, so that's pretty cool. I've been burning lots of cardio unpacking. 

Boyfriend likes it, mostly.

He's a little crazy about certain things sticking out and whatnot.

So we fixed the apartment so Boyfriend likes it, and now it's all good. 

I'm trying to hold out until July, but we'll see. Kitty kitty kitty time. 


  1. The last two time I've moved my power has gone out like day 1. Weird! Congrats on the new place :)

  2. If you're gonna hold off until July, spend some time kitty proofing your place. Just think of it like baby proofing, except for a baby with claws that likes to scratch furniture and carpeted stairs. And congrats! Think of all the money you save on electricity when the power goes out.

  3. Yay!! Congrats on the move! Can't wait to hear about the new're going today, right? I can't see you holding out til July :)

  4. Who knew Boyfriend was so into Feng Shui? Hopefully this new place will prove superior to apartments past.

  5. Dude, get a kitty! I love kittens but my dog is a real asshole, so I need live vicariously thorough you. Plus how cute would a little cartoon kitty be?

    Congrats on the move!

  6. Why wait till July? June has just begun. I say RUN. Run to find the kitty who is the one.


  7. Get the cat now. Don't delay. DO IT.

  8. Hi Gia! Power outages suck. Out in the country we hook up ye olde generator, but they probably would not appreciate that in an apartment building

  9. Your doodles always make your posts so interesting, Gia. Haha! So, you've finally settled in, huh? Seems like you really enjoyed unpacking, even though it was tiring. Well, at least you and your boyfriend are finally happy with the way the apartment is now. So, yes, you can go get your well-deserved kitty! :P

    Justin Garrett @ Buzz Homes