Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tattoos for Boyfriend

So, Boyfriend is thinking about getting a tattoo.

Tattoo Idea 1:

Okay okay, he said sea-themed and I gave him my name. Bad idea. Next?

Tattoo Idea 2:

Sigh. Sometimes I really don't understand him. Okay, here’s another:

Tattoo Idea 3:

Ok. This one is definitely a winner:

Tattoo Idea 4:

Okay, last one. This one he’ll love – it has a boat in it!

Tattoo Idea 5:

Welp, there you go. I was hoping Boyfriend would let me draw a bunch of mock ups and let you guys vote on the best one. But Boyfriend said something about not wanting a cartoon on his body and not letting you "crazy bitches pick something that important" or something I don’t know I’m not really sure. But if I could pick out Boyfriend’s tattoos, he’d look like this:


Do you guys have any tattoos? Tell me your tat tales!


  1. "It's a cute little whale, you could get it on your booty." Hahahahaha! I loved that. If anything, you may have talked him out of the idea of a tattoo at all. Also, I admire your restraint, only putting your name on his body twice.

  2. Boyfriend. No matter what you pick, sooner or later you'll have the same reaction it, that you've had to Gia's suggestions.

  3. I was going to get a tat of the New York Yankees NY, until Mrs. Cranky reminded me that NY was my ex-wife's new initials.

    I have remained tattoo-less.

  4. Oh, and once again, your Gia/Boyfriend cartoons have got me laughing. I hope your planning on putting together a Gia/Boyfriend cartoon book.

  5. Personally, I am a huge fan of ridiculous tattoos. I have a few tattoos that are there just because they make me laugh.

  6. Tell him he would be HONOURED to have Allie Alligator tattooed on his booty! xx

  7. I'm not a tat lady, but Favorite Young Man is covered. He has his wife's name on his arm. They got divorced. He had the name covered with a scissors tat, as if the scissors are cutting off the name. He's going to run out of space soon. I told him not to pull a Mike Tyson.


  8. I have no tattoos, but my mother came back from her spring break ten years ago with her first one. Shall we diagram how many things felt wrong about that picture!?

  9. I have a sunflower on one shoulder blade, my kids names in an Irish Claddagh on the other side but lower, I have a stick figure on my hip to remember a funny story about my brother that I got 20 years ago. I also have a sun/moon tat on my lower back. Thanksgiving 2012 my 2 sisters and 1 brother got matching Lotus flower tattoos with 5 swirls in memory of our brother who passed away last summer. I love that we all have the same tattoo in his honor.
    I think Boyfriend needs the whale tattoo on his lower back for sure, he would always have a whale tail even if he wasn't wearting a thong!

  10. I love the whale on the booty! But what about kittens? I think boyfriend should get kittens. On his chest, so that when you pet them, you'll feel his hairy chest and think you are petting the real thing. Win win for both of you.

    I have a tattoo on my leg, got it 15 years ago and still don't regret it :) It's a cross with a vine on it that my brother drew...and my dad paid for it and my step-mom went with me to get it. It was a family affair, even though I'm the only one in the family to have a tattoo.

  11. I think the whale on the booty is awesome!! poor boyfriend is not feeling the manliness I guess. perhaps a seahorse then?
    I have a tattoo on my lower right pelvis. It's a maple leaf (duh, Canadian) and a blue rose entwined around it. Love and Country. I got it on Remembrance Day one year - seemed to fit.
    I'm considering a white ink tattoo on my inner wrist -- not sure what yet.

  12. I have no tattoos, because I get bored of things very easily and what I think is cool now I probably won't think is cool 10 years from now.

    Also, if boyfriend got the whale booty tattoo and then wore a g-string, he'd have a whale tail on his whale tail. Mind blown!

  13. I have a the moment Kanye West ran into a street sign tattooed on my forehead. Never forget. Brofist.

  14. Haha, those ideas are so funny, especially the cute whale tramp stamp.

  15. On his left... is that wine in a bucket??