Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Animals Giving Awards, Part I

So, I’ve been honored with a handful of awards over the past few weeks. And I’ve been sucking at acknowledging them. So, today and later this week, I’m going to give an award to each of my animals, and let them pass it on to some blogs they enjoy. If there are other rules associated with the awards, then like usual, I will be ignoring them.

First up, the awesome A Sassy Blonde gave me the Kreativ Blogger Award!

And I’m passing it on to Allie.

Me: Allie, you’re up first. Here’s a  Kreativ Blogger award. Who would you like to pass it on to?
Allie: Pickleope. He’s funny and he’s been supporting my career from the beginning. I mean, he even drew what our babies  would look like!
Me: I don’t think he was doing that. It was just a cross between an alligator and a pickleope…
Allie: BABIES!
Me: Okay okay. Anyone else?
Me: Good choice. Because….?
Allie: It’s candy.  For breakfast. Who WOULDN’T support that?
Me: True.
Allie: And you even created Melissa the Manatee for her “Draw a Tiny Manatee” contest.

Me: Yep. And if there is anyone who would appreciate a manatee with low self esteem in a polka dotted bikini, it’s you, Allie.
Allie: Why, thank you!

Next up, I’d like to thank BlatherbyBubbe for the Liebster blog award!

 It’s for newish bloggers, so I figure I’d pass it on to my newish animal, Miss Priscilla Puffington

Miss Priscilla: Did someone say LOBSTER?!
Me: No, LIEBSTER. The Liebster award.
Miss Priscilla: Oh. Well, about time I started getting some awards…
Me: Sure sure. Who would you like to pass it on to?
Miss Priscilla: NO ONE! It’s MINE! All MINE!
Me: Miss Priscilla…
Miss Priscilla: Well, if I must share my spotlight – hmph! – I’d like to pass it onto LouisVsRick 
Me: Is that even a blog? And it’s probably way too popular for a Liebster…
Miss Priscilla: Who cares? It’s about a man who taught his cat how to use instant messenger and it’s hilarious.
Me: True.
Miss Priscilla: Hey Gia…
Me: No.
Miss Priscilla: I didn’t even ask anything yet!
Me: I know what you’re thinking.
Miss Priscilla: No you don’t!
Me: Fine, what?
Miss Priscilla: Will you teach ME how to instant message?
Me: NO.
Miss Priscilla: Hmph.

The last one for today: The Quirky Musings of a CoffeeConnoisseur also passed on a Kreativ Blogger award!

I’m passing it on to the Cow.

Me: Hi Cow
Cow: Well, I’m honored that you’re giving me attention!
Me: Since you’re such a desirable cow, I thought you’d like to share your opinion on some other blogs you like.
Cow: Uh huh. Don’t be a suck up, Gia.
Me: Anyway, who would you like to pass the award on to?
Cow: First, This Is Not That Blog, especially for this post 
Me: Hahah, yes, that post about women’s magazine advice is hilarious.
Cow: And very helpful.
Me: No cow, she’s being sarcastic…
Cow: I don’t want to die a spinster!
Me: Forget it. Anyone else?
Cow: Clay Baboons. She makes things out of CLAY. Can you do that, Gia? Hmmm?
Me: …I cannot.
Cow: That’s what I thought.

That’s enough for today, I don’t want my self-esteem getting too low. Seriously, check out some of these blogs. And stay tuned for more on Thursday!


  1. Thank you very very much. Allie was right, though. That was an Allie-Pickleope baby. But not in the traditional sense. It's like the Island of Dr. Moreau of bad drawings on my blog. The only thing I can draw is pickle creatures so pickle creatures it is. Oh yeah, or it's just that i can't draw.
    Thank you again, I'm honored.

  2. A very nice informational blog.Keep on making such important blog post.Your work is really being appreciated by some one.

  3. I like the way you did this! Blogging awards can be a little tedious at times - especially when the rules are listed repeatedly. So this was refreshing and fun.

    1. Thanks for coming by just now :) You and Boyfriend feature in my previous post "A Little Love" - it's just a small note of appreciation but thought I would let you know.

  4. Congratulations on your award. I won the same one. We can be award buddies!

  5. Awards are so fun! And you chose a really awesome way to recognize people. Very creative. +1 for you, Gia!

  6. Thank you Gia! I love the way you turned awards into such an original post...

  7. Oh Gia,

    I do love your little animal interviews, they brighten up my boring work days!

    Charlotte xx

    (Psst.. have you entered my giveaway? http://bit.ly/yHvbPd)

  8. What a creative way to pass out the awards!! LOL Awesome. :)

  9. Melissa the Manatee totally rocks that bikini.

  10. Hmm, next time I'll try to remember to send Pri...uh MISS Priscilla an award of her own! ;)

  11. Congrats on your awards. Letting the animals pick the new winners is great.

  12. Finally someone was able to turn an awards post into a creative one.

    Good job and congrats!

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  14. Congratz on all the awards...I can see why you've won them - great blog

  15. No awards to the duck? That's really too bad.

  16. I'll check out the blogs, AND I'll have some lobster.

  17. That is the sexiest manatee I have ever seen.

  18. Congrats on all the awards! Nice spin on the awarding out as well :D

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