Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

Allie is looking as beautiful and feminine as ever:

So, I’m still trying to figure out my blogging schedule. I’m way, way too lazy busy to write/draw decent posts five days a week. I have couches to sit on things to do, jigsaw puzzle puzzles to work on places to be, and Boyfriend to snuggle with B- actually wait, that one is good as it is. Yeah. But I legitimately have important things to do this week, such as:

1. Put together a lamp so I have enough light in my living room to work on said jigsaw puzzle VERY IMPORTANT THING at night during the winter.

2. Find a way to make room for some real drinking glasses in my kitchen cabinets. Apparently my uppity Boyfriend didn’t think that solo cups and plastic tumblers that may or may not be chock full o’ BPA were good enough to sip his whiskey out of, so he got me some real glasses.  They deserve real shelf space, which will involve getting a step ladder and rearranging things. Le SIGH.

3. Come to terms with the fact that I’m probably the only 20something in the world who has never owned an iPod before and learn how to use my new birthday present.

4. Laundry. Bah! Seeing as how the electricity in our apartment is on the fritz (the circuit panel needs to be replaced) and the circuit breaker buzzes every time we turn the washer on, it sure makes doing laundry a LOT more exciting. The electrician told roomie and I not to worry too much, just don’t leave the apartment or fall asleep while doing laundry. Oh and periodically touch the circuit breaker box while the washer/dryer are on to make sure its not hot and there’s not, you know, A RAGING FIRE IN OUR WALLS. 

5. Wine drinking. See #4, living with a constant threat of raging wall fire. 

There’s about a hundred more things I need to do, but since those top the list as the most “interesting,” I’ll just shut up here. My point is that I’m not sure if I’m going to be posting MWF or some combo M/T/Th/F and a pic on Wed, or something else entirely.  Bear (growl) with me. Snicker.


  1. I completely admire the people who can keep up an every day blog schedule. There's just no way for me to keep it up without the quality degrading...more so. Once you get a schedule it becomes easier, but it's your blog, write whenever you feel like it.
    Good luck with not lighting your house or yourselves on fire. Just don't clean clothes. Do what all crafty lazy people do, turn things inside out for an extra wear.

  2. At this point, I definitely can't have Boyfriend over again til I wash my sheets. It's a (disgusting) fact. Fire-free or Boyfriend-time?!? Curse you, world, for these tough choices.

  3. I vote Fire-free. I need the down time....

  4. Don't be silly Boyfriend! They're in the dryer right now. :D