Monday, May 16, 2016

A Douchebag, By the Numbers

Well, let's decide if we want to go there on the blog with a fun little trump Q&A! 

Question: How many public offices did this assclown hold before running for president?
Answer: None. He's come to political prominence for his role in the racist anti-obama anti-knowledge "birther" movement. 

Question: Oh right, he's a "business" man. How many businesses did he bankrupt?
Answer: Four

Question: How many people does he want to deport?
Answer:11 million

QuestionAnd he wants to ban all muslims from entering the US, of which there are how many worldwide?
Answer:1.6 billion

QuestionHow many former presidents endorsed Trump?
Answer: Zero

QuestionHow many times did he talk about the size of his junk during a primary presidential debate?
Answer: Technically only one horrible, horrible time. 

QuestionAccording to politifact, what % of trump's statements are false, mostly false, or pants on fire? 
Answer: 76%, which is honestly lower than I thought it'd be. Hillary & Bernie are both at about 30%, for the record.

QuestionAnddd just for funsies: How much is he worth and what did he pay in taxes last year?
Answer: No one knows because he refused to release his tax returns. 


  1. I think your depiction of him actually compliments him. His hair and skin complexion are much more cartoonish than that clown.
    My biggest issue is his own motto, "Make America Great Again," forget the non specificity of "America" (North, Central, what?) but when, tell me specifically, when was America great? What era? Was it right after WWII when black people returning from war still weren't allowed to use the same parks or bathrooms? Don't just prey on people's nostalgia, give me ideas, and a giant wall is not an idea.

  2. He is our fault. All of us on this bus, were too busy looking out the windows to notice him making his way to the driver's seat. Now we have a contest of caricatures.

  3. Also amazing that for all of this, Hilary is losing to him in national polls. Bernie, meanwhile, crushes him by double digits, but the Dems in office are so far up their own asses (with help from a rigged system) that they'd rather nominate Hillary by force and face a battle they could easily lose than try to nominate someone who'd actually win.

  4. I really don't understand this election. Everyone I know says how they hate Trump but still he continues to win primaries. Who the hell is voting for this guy? I agree with Pickleope, it's time for some actual discussion of "ideas" and policies.

  5. If he wins, I'm gonna be able to rent out the space under the stairs, next to the kitty litter boxes, for big $. BIG $$, I tell you. People will be desperate to flee. Come to think of it, there's a market for the other side as well, as some people think that Ms Clinton makes the anti-christ look like a good room mate. But I wouldn't rent to them, I have more pride than that, and plus, sanitizing after they go would be too much work.

  6. What Cheryl said. Whoever is responsible for voting this P.O.S. along as far as he's come, needs to be wedgied so hard they don't shit for the remainder of this joke of an election.

  7. How could you say such things about that pompous ass? Don't you know that when he is criticized he starts lots of lawsuits? I'll bet THOSE suits aren't made in China. His biggest defense is name-calling so you had better watch out. After all, he IS the best clown the Republicans could come up with that won the majority of their lot. It says so much about them. Remember, "Make America White Again" is his slogan and he just LOVES women.

  8. The only positive thing I can say about Trump is that at least he's not a religious zealot, hell-bent on dragging us back to the 16th century.

  9. Trump can suck it. This election is truly a disaster! We're going to need a lot of drinks come November.

  10. I am so offended. I'll never read this blog again.
    I'm so glad to be Canadian right now.