Monday, May 23, 2016

Spring Fever

Yep. My normally sweet sleepy princess kitty turns into a demon each spring, hell bent on destroying her personal source of hate:



  1. If it were squirrels, I'd recommend unleashing her feline fury on those puffy tailed tree-jerks. Don't worry, you're not alone in experiencing your cat's blood lust. Every year, it's estimated that cats are responsible for the deaths of over 3 BILLION birds and 6-20 billion mammals. Cats don't mess around with death...well, actually they do, if you've ever seen a cat kill something, they like to play with their prey, which is messed up. Furry sadists.

  2. Oh NO..sweet kitty is a predator!!! Say it isn't so!!! My Carmen (RIP) used to look longingly out the window during this time of year and while I suspect she might have been thinking about birdy lunches, I like to delude myself into thinking she was enjoying how pretty the flowers are in my garden.

  3. My HRH could never be bothered. The only thing she ever attacked was her food dish.

    1. Debra, it could be one in the same if she could get her little paws on a bird.

  4. I think of it as cheap entertainment. My cat stares out the window for hours on end, running back and forth tracking birds she'll never even touch.

    I would laugh at her and call her dumb, but strip clubs have been entertaining men for decades.

  5. Oh that's rough. How long do her rampage ideations usually last?

  6. Not only birds, but chipmunks and squirrels. I'm surprised mine haven't gone unconscious from bashing their heads against the glass.