Monday, September 30, 2013

Obligatory Monday Post

In the meantime, did you guys do anything fun this weekend?


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    1. Okay, sorry, couldn't resist. By "too busy" translates to "got hammered every day," right? I went kayaking and somehow managed not to get sunburned, which is a first for me.

  2. I worked on today's post, and I worked on my car, and I watched a garage sale take place, which was all referenced in today's post...

    So in other words, no.

  3. I cleaned and finally watched black swan. Was also out on Friday night so obviously I didn't do anything on Saturday.

  4. The Breaking Bad finale was last night. How can anyone think about anything else? SAY MY NAME.


  5. well.....let's see: there was cake. and pie. also cookies! and balloons. and presents.
    and a house full of 9 year old boys.
    that walk sounds really good.

  6. Saturday I stood in pouring rain watching my 5 year old grandson play soccer. I was wet, but not nearly as wet as he and his dad (coach) were! Later another daughter and my friend and I went to the thrift store and I found a new pair of slacks for work for under $6! And a size smaller than normal! It was a good weekend all around. :D

  7. Hmmmm, we went to a car show, and then to a huge festival with about a bazillion other people on Saturday, which means we had to park more than a mile away. (LOTS of hard walking for this old broad!) On Sunday, we went to another car show (Are we seeing a trend here?) and then came home to watch our Falcons lose another football game. As luck would have it, they still managed to score quite a few times, which was good for us. We, um, have a cold shooter of apple liqueur every time our guys rack up a score, so by the end of a game, even if we aren't happy with its outcome... we're still... "happy".

  8. Hey, those walks take a lot out of a person!

  9. I can't remember, but I'm pretty sure there was an epic flood here. Ok, maybe not "epic", but I did have to jump over a down tree, avoid fallen power lines, and get out of the way of falling branches. Some other things happened, and lots of it revolved around sleep.

  10. Sat..Setted..Layed around in the house watching the most rain Washington state has gotten in history...Woke up to snow...Viewed blogs..Oh-Oh- drank a "couple" of ales..Had to visit the recycle center today so the neighbors wouldn't notice all the empties come Friday..
    Guess I'd better go check out ABFS