Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Thor: A Review

Last weekend, Boyfriend and I watched Thor. Boyfriend had seen it already and we had both seen The Avengers, so I kind of knew what was up. I liked it. 

I had become a Loki fan whilst watching The Avengers

I have a problem.
Now I want to see Thor 2.


  1. before the theatrical release of avengers, i and my gf went in a marvel marathon: ironman, thor, captain america.
    Its nice to have the backstory :)

  2. Do you think that after the Avengers, anyone asked Thor to do some carpentry to repair all the damage to New York? He does have a giant hammer after all. Thor, god of construction.

  3. On the way home from seeing The Avengers, I had to stop at the store to pick up Thor and Captain America, for the same reason.

    The only problem is every time I see Agent Coulson, I think, "hey, that's Old Christine's ex husband."

  4. America used to make the best movies in the world. Casablanca. My Fair Lady. Many others. Then Jaws and Star Wars came along and they all went into the shitter. Comic books, as such, are fine, and if the adherents want to call them graphic novels, that's fine too. If it bridges someone between not reading, and reading, then I'm a fan.

    But making a movie out of a comic book? Puhlease. It's a sign of the end times when all the movie makers can think of is remakes and comic books. Oceans 11, for example. Why would you watch the remake, when the original is better in every respect? I'm not even going to touch the abomination of comic book remakes "franchise restarts". Gawd. I'd better stop now, or I'll upset my liver or something.

  5. I'll just skip the movies and read your animated reviews.

  6. I just liked the part in Thor when he had his shirt off. *drool*
    I don't remember much of the movie after that happened....

  7. I don't know anything about Thor. Last weekend we watched the first episode of a Starz series called Spartacus. Lots of blood and sex.


  8. Wow this is what happened what I watched Thor with my boyfriend. and LOKI!! I love loki!!!

    Also look up Loki at comicon 2013 on youtube. It's awesome.

  9. I was watching Cabin in the Woods with my kids the other day. They got totally upset when Thor died. It's was funny for me... Anyway....

    I have problems too.



  10. Well, if your pictures are accurate, you didn't actually watch Thor WITH your boyfriend. More like you watched it alongside him. HA!

  11. I think I was spoiled by watching the Avengers first. Only after did I watch Thor, the Hulk, etc, and they're okay... but they're just not Avengers good.

  12. Ahhh so is Thor before the avengers? I haven't seen any but it sounds like I need to x

  13. Lol this is great.

    Thor I also find hilarious. The scene where he's in the restaurant amused me for a long time.