Monday, June 24, 2019

Why so many babies??

This is technically a throwback, but also 100% what is happening in  my life right now. Sorry I didn't post last week!

Stupid pregnant people. Is anyone else suffering from wedding/baby season?


  1. Luckily, no. My circle of friends are now too old for all that. But have fun, you!

  2. Nope. Funerals. Opposite end of the life cycle.

  3. No babies among my elderly friends. I don't get invited to much of anything because I'm so rude and badly behaved. I insult everyone. I pick my nose and wipe the boogers on the best furniture. Yeah. That's me.

    Janie, whose daughter said several years ago that she doesn't want children and doesn't seem to have changed her mind unless she hiding a baby under her dirty laundry

    1. unlesss SHE'S hiding a baby--I hate mistakes in comments. I also get drunk and vomit at gatherings. It upsets everyone. Then I get out a dooby. Offering to share goes over well with some people, especially the pregnant mom or even more with a mom who has just had a baby.

      Do you think that sharing all these details will somehow keep people from inviting me to things? I hope so.

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