Monday, July 9, 2018

Boyfriend Gets a Flamethrower

The scene this weekend:

I am very dramatic.

His pets are offended, as usual. They are also very dramatic. 

Dragon pets! If only.

Anyway, no, he didn't get one of those dumb fancy Elon Musk flamethrowers. He got a normal functional one to get rid of weeds growing in between rocks in his backyard. 

10/10 would recommend

Anyhoo, if anyone is looking for a gift for that special someone....get em a flamethrower. 

[Totally unrelated housekeeping update: as you may notice, the blog looks a bit different. I'll be freshening it up/simplifying the layout a bit over the summer, so expect to see more changes. Let me know if you have feedback on it!]


  1. Plus he could use it to start the BBQ!

  2. I'm sort of thankful my cat cannot shoot flames. I don't believe that would end well.

    Glad your boyfriend got a new toy, though!

  3. Hold on, "He got a normal functional one to get rid of weeds growing in between rocks in his backyard." Whaaaaaat? That's not a "normal" method of weed removal that I know. I have a bunch of weeds growing in the cracks of my driveway, but never thought once to use an open flame to destroy them. Now, that may just be a function of the limitations of my imagination, but I'm also surrounded by rednecks who would love nothing more than to burn things and they don't do that to weeds either. Which leads me again to question the use of "normal function." And how long before you catch him lighting his farts on fire?

  4. Wow! I need one to clear the snow off of my windshield in winter or clear the driveway. What could possibly go wrong?