Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Baby you're a....


I tried to post this on Monday like usual, but I lost internet for a few days, which was pretty traumatic. I will be accepting your thoughts and prayers throughout the weekend. 

Anyway, happy Fourth of July, everyone. From our pets to yours. 


  1. Fireworks are illegal here in Houston, and I haven't heard one in all the years I've lived here. Not one.

    Which is great, really, because my new cat would definitely not appreciate fireworks. he has PTSD from the last thunderstorm...

  2. Franklin, Penelope, and I HATE fireworks. The great brains in our neighborhood started setting them off on Saturday. They'll continue after the 4th for at least a week.


  3. Thoughts and prayers for your continued internet connectivity :)

    Also, fireworks are my kryptonite. They used to keep the kids awake when they were tiny (they're 15 and 19 now so they could sleep through a full airstrike), and now they stress out the dogs and the cats.

    Happy 4th :)