Monday, March 20, 2017

Snow Day(s)!

Well guys, I got my snow day. 

It's been unseasonably cold and snowy all week, and there's been a chill in my apartment that Kitty and I can't shake.

Kitty has a pretty good way of dealing with this.

Yep, hanging out on top of my old fashioned heaters. 

Have you hugged your heater today?

Here's hoping spring comes soon!


  1. I've never lived in a place with an old fashioned heater, and thus, I've kind of romanticized it. To me it's like having one of those old timey stick telephones where you lift off the listening part, or I guess, just having a plug-in phone at all. Don't worry, I'm sure your unseasonable snow day isn't a sign of global climate changeOhMyGodWe'reAllDoomed.

  2. I haven't seen a place with old radiators for years! Do you live in an old building or are those rads new but making a "retro" comeback?

  3. I haven't hugged my heater, because I'm still in the Upside Down where temperatures are 80 degrees and believe it or not I actually have a sunburn today. All over. What the hell is even happening.

  4. How about some hot mulled wine (whatever that is)?


  5. We've had spring four times already this winter. Maybe the next one will stick around.