Monday, March 6, 2017

Is this real life?

In case this is needed, let me note that I *know* there could be legit reasons for a senator to meet with the russian ambassador, and that in and of itself is not controversial. I know that. Multiple people meeting and lying to cover it up though.... smells fishy.

What's happening is the US right now is total and absolute bonkers, and Boyfriend and I are having a hard time pretending everything is ok, mainly because NONE OF THIS IS NORMAL AT ALL. 

(And I'm not only talking about the russia stuff; that's just the most recent/current thing happening as of Saturday afternoon.)

This is going to be a rough four years indeterminate amount of time, especially for those who care about our most vulnerable populations. Gah. 

Has anyone else felt chronically stressed since the election of the clown-child? 


  1. I'm glad to live in Canada, that's all I can say.

  2. Yup. My dad asked, "what has Trump done that affects you and your family." 4 hours of writing later (just shit off the top of my head) I then listed things that drastically affect vulnerable populations and rejected the premise of his question because it implies I lack empathy. This took an entire day even without research and Russia talk. On the plus side, he did concede that I'm right. Small consolation. And all of it ignores that Trump is just deeply unpleasant to look at. Sigh, I picked a bad time to bring a child into the world.

    1. I replied to your comment, but the TL;DR is, his immediate effect on the EPA, department of education, and loosening of regulations on things like the financial sector and the coal industry have a very real, very timely effect on us and the next generations. What I forgot to mention is that if his budget is thrust through, there's a useless, pointless, reckless $54 Billion dollar raise given to the military despite our already having a military budget that is three times higher than the next highest country and most of it being a complete waste like making tanks for no reason.
      Once that's raised, even the most centrist president won't be able to roll that back without being considered "soft." That kind of budget detracts from social services (bye-bye Planned Parenthood and organizations that actually are dedicated to public good) to pay for insecure dick-swinging that lasts for decades. It's a constant psychological terror that this grotesque monster represents just by waggling his disgusting jowls in an effort to assuage his insecurity. This sucks. It's worse than I thought.

    2. Yes, thank god we got rid of all those pesky regulations, like the one that says financial advisors need to act in our best interests and the one that makes internet companies have to actually *try* to protect our security. Net neutrality? Ha! Who needs that?

      (And trust me, I know those examples are actually minor ones, in comparison to all the other damage...)

      It's tough figuring out what to do besides wallow in the horror of it, which, don't get me wrong, I did for like 5 weeks.

  3. All of this is so batshit insane. I'm gonna go comfort-squeeze my cats now.

  4. Oh yes, and I'm not even American.

  5. I keep having apocalyptic dreams, then wake up to a nightmare. It feels like we are living in an alternate reality novel, and can't get to the end of it. So glad kitties are here to keep me sane part of the time.

  6. I was very depressed after the election. I cried every day for two weeks. Now I'm waiting for him to be impeached. It will take (almost) two years and a Democratic majority. I try not to let it drive me crazy because I can't live with crazy, and I have to be sane enough to vote in the next election.


  7. I try not to panic. I'm getting more politically active (and by "political activity", I mean something more than getting online or turning on the television) again.

    I don't want to get used to the way he operates!

  8. It looks like Trumps tweets are in fact factual. Whoops, know what I mean? Who leaked names of Americans? That's a serious violation of laws, know what I mean? All that legality and stuff, the next thing you know there are facts and real information, know what I mean?