Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentine's Day Rap

Since tomorrow is Valentine's Day, I'm re-sharing this awesome rap from last year. Mostly because a. I'm a super talented lady rapper and b. it's all still super relevant (unfortunately even the trump stuff grumble grumble.) So, enjoy. Or not. 

oh god this verse held up TOO WELL

Yay bad poetry for Boyfriend!


  1. If you repost this again next year, may I suggest an edit? Instead of "ev'ry" I believe it should be "e'ry" with the only consonant being the "r". My expertise? I am actually Jay-Z. I didn't want it to come out like this, but Queen Bey allows me to indulge my sillier side. That's why the alias. Keep my secret safe.

    1. You are 110% correct my friend. I thought this as I was uploading it, but was too lazy to do anything about it. Original post next week!

  2. Can Pickleope (#realJayZ) get us autographed photos of Queen Bey? Or better yet, some of the clothes she wore, or didn't wear, at the Grammy Awards last night? You are the new Marshall Mathers. I hope that's a compliment.


  3. If you're ever looking to fill the position of 'random rapper that pops up for like 15 seconds in a pop song for seemingly no reason', well, my pop star will be in touch.

  4. I think you have this rappin' down. (but what do I know as I am old and completely out of touch)

  5. I seem to have missed this last year. It's excellent!