Monday, February 20, 2017

Kiddies and Kitties

Consider this the sequel to last month's preggo coworker post.

Most of the coworkers I chat with have young kids, so convos around the office inevitably center on them. 

You're probably thinking, "Oh no, this is going to turn into a trite 'childless person hates hearing about peoples' kids post." But you're wrong. I don't mind their kid stories. That's not the problem at all. 

I hold it in for as long as I can, you guys. But I'm pretty sure *I'm* actually the awful coworker who can't stop from redirecting any conversation back to her cat. 

Ugh, I'm the worst


  1. Whenever people ask me if I have children, I used to always say "no, but I have a cat." If they didn't like it, BITE ME.

    1. ...i'm definitely going to start doing that.

  2. I'm with you on that, childless cat-sistah. Look, it's just basic biology. Humans are wired to find their own child absolutely adorable so they don't throw it in a dumpster, even if everyone else thinks it looks like a goblin in a diaper. Meanwhile, everyone is wired to find cats adorable... unless they're terrorists.

  3. I was writing a comment and it completely dissappeared. I was saying I am the person to put your mind at ease. I have a small child and three cats(also 4 birds a fish tank full of fishes, a water turtle and aqua dragons, but that's besides the point!).
    Well when I was pregnant I was really worried I would turn out to be a horrible mother because I didn't find babies as cute as cats( I still don't!). Thenumber of pictures of cats and baby on my phone are equally distributed.
    Okay I am not saying I love them equally but the cats are definitely cuter...And baby kittens trump baby humans any day...

  4. Unless it's a story or picture about your cat licking its own butthole, save it for a pet conversation, which are in no short supply. My baby just learned how to high-five while your cat continues to steadfastly refuse to learn shit. Now, if you have a puppy picture, we can reconsider.

  5. I feel ya. I'm the same way with my dog. It's amazing how similar babies and pets are.

  6. When people ask if I have children, I say I'm mercifully childfree. Or I'll say I'm untainted. Or whatever I think will give that parent nightmares. I ask how their supply of duct tape is, since all kid problems can be solved with judicious application of duct tape. Jonathon Swift forever!

  7. I have had both children and cats so I guess I can be an equal opportunity listener. I think everyone should appreciate how adorable Kitty (and all cats) are but then I recognize that their fan club is somewhat limited. Still...aren't cat videos truly appreciated by everyone???? You Tube proves that over and over.

  8. I have kitties and no kids. I completely understand.