Sunday, February 5, 2017

Superbowl '17

Lately, everything has felt pretty shitty. 

yep, like that

There was a bright spot this weekend, though. 

(Also, go Falcons!)


  1. Yes, Lady Gaga!! Enjoy the 13 minute concert :D

  2. First time watching at home in a long while (baby, and using baby as an excuse to indulge my introversion) and just saw her performance. I had no opinion of Gaga before, but after she shouted out her dad and threw the mic then caught a football at the end, big fan. Hilarious.

  3. I watched her, too, and enjoyed it. I've been a fan for a while and I love it that she seems to love her family. She has a hell of a lot of stamina and good balance, with the way she spun around in the air and landed and could still dance. I would fall on my butt. Her show was the only part of the Stupor Bowl that I watched.


  4. I adore Lady Gaga. She's the only reason I tuned in to whatever the hell kind of sporting event that was.

  5. When she was like "Ra ra ah ah ah," and then she was like, "ro ma ro ma ma, Gaga ooh la la" I was like, wow, this girl speaks to me.

    Kidding aside, that was a pretty fun show.

  6. I really enjoyed the Gaga half-time show. Made up for the so-so commercials. (or is it just me that thought that the commercials were pretty mediocre?)