Monday, October 17, 2016

Pussies Against Grabbing

Some of you longtime readers might remember the DARD - Ducks Against Raping Ducks - movement of 2012-13. 
its effect on duck rape remains to be seen

Well, I guess that inspired someone else, because I recently came home to this:

But let's not forget the fact that trump is a misogynist piece of shit

at least its not breitbart.
Typical low-information kitty. Anyway, she's starting a movement. Enjoy:


  1. That website sounds dodgy to me too - but nowhere near as dodgy as the state of world politics.

  2. "At least it's not Breitbart" -- hahahahaha! Another great post, Mayor Gia!

  3. I second Debra's sentiment. The cat may be on to something. I wouldn't put it past the crybaby pumpkin man to get frustrated at not being able to grab lady parts and just to act like he didn't lose squeeze a cat or two and claim that's what he meant the whole time.

  4. I don't know what your cat's so upset about. Cats are just automatically attracted to me, so when I see one I start petting them. I don't even ask, I just pet. Grab them and rock them like a baby. When you're a human they just let you do it. You can do anything.

    1. You just have to make sure you go easy on them and don't pet them too hard. Otherwise, Kitty will have to form Kitties Against Heavy Petting.

  5. Drumpf will probably be holding a pussy during the debate this week, but it won't be mine. Nobody catnaps my kitty.


  6. I never grab a cat, with or without its consent. Cats confuse me.

  7. I think it's admirable that Kitty is so politically aware even if maybe she didn't quite understand the context of it all. Still, I appreciate her outrage and will support her cause.