Monday, March 14, 2016

Springtime and Ducks!

So, the weather is finally nice, which means I'm going for walks again. 

I walked by a river, where I spotted an all white duck.

I love all ducks, but I never see all white ones, so this was a special treat. 

Then I watched the pretty white lady girl duck approach a less pretty (but still wonderful) brown lady duck. 

And then it happened. 

Yes, that's right. My pretty white lady duck was actually a horrific rapist boy duck! And even though I've done my part to bring attention to the issue of duck rape, this is the first time I saw it occur in real life. I. Am. Traumatized. 

 I know it's been awhile since I brought up DARD, but #neverforget:


  1. Did you see the corkscrew wiener and everything!?! That is traumatic. I've never seen a yellow duck. White ducks? All the time, dime a dozen, but yellow? Those are scarce.

  2. Oh NO!!! Poor victimized white lady duck. NO MEANS NO even when it is quacked. We are sure pretty white duck isn't pretty little working girl "duck"...right? Sorry you were traumatized. Hope you have recovered and can on and have a great springy day.

  3. fishducky is yellow.

    Don't go near the water.


  4. I'll bet the white duck quacked, "She love it!" after. They're all the same.

  5. I always see a male (white body, green head) and female (brown) pair of ducks waddling around together in the neighborhood. The male always follows right behind the female. I thought it was cute. On second thought, maybe he's not following. Maybe he's leading her to her imminent rape. That's... not nearly so cute.

  6. I saw pigeon-on-pigeon crime for the first time. One was taking the other from behind and had it pinned to the ground. It was weird. And disturbing.

  7. Report it!! Isn't there a duck rape specialist at your local police? You know, someone who's specially trained to be sympathetic and understanding to duck victims? Poor ducky :(

  8. Did the white duck try and bum a cigarette afterwards? THAT is when I would have called the ASPCA, when the white duck was having a smoke and not watching.

  9. We should organize a Take Back the Pond walk.