Monday, August 31, 2015

Dear Summer...

Dear Summer,

You and I have a bone to pick. You do this to me every year. You come out with your smiling happy sunshiney shit for a few months. 

The days are long and bright and perfect. 

In fact, this year you've spared us the worst of the sweltering crushing heat.

And you've brought relatively little rain.

It's been pretty perfect out. 

But then you go and do that shitty thing that you do year after year. 

You leave.

It's really quite a problem. Goodbye long days, nice weather, beach time, easy summer traffic, and the like. Farewell, sunshine and happiness. Goodnight,  my sweet summer prince.

To be fair, fall isn't really the problem. It's what fall brings that I dread.


Gia and her Cat.


  1. I live somewhere where the Summer brings inhospitable heat. I much prefer the bright colors and hospitality of Spring and Autumn. And besides, I'm an adult sans-child, if I go on vacation in the Summer, it's aloof parents and asshole kids everywhere. I go on vacation in the Spring or Autumn, it's a drunkards paradise.

  2. Get out the long johns and the winter woollens!

  3. I too will miss this wonderfully perfect weather. Goodbye constant sunshine and pleasant temperatures, hello freezing cold and people in gigantic SUVs skidding through the ice and flying off into ditches.

  4. I love all the seasons, the problem is with the duration. Spring should be about four months long, Summer four months, fall three months, and winter one month with snow on Christmas.

  5. It really is sad when the sun leaves. We rarely get snow here but it rainssssssss all winter long.

  6. Fall brings new Doctor Who and Walking Dead episodes, so I'm down with Fall.

    Of course, I'm also in Houston, where it will continue to be 90 degrees until mid-November...

  7. It's hotter than hell here in tropical Florida. It's rained so much that I haven't gone swimming once all summer. We don't really have an autumn. My leaves usually change color and fall off the tree during December or January. If I ignore them long enough, Hot Young Anthony comes over to clean them up while I peek out the window at him and his nice muscles. Hi, Anthony. Would you like to take a nap in my bedroom when you're done with the leaves? Your wife won't notice. Ah, shit. I can't do that. His wife is too damn nice, and they have a cute little kid. Fuck.


  8. At least kitty should like the fall. Lots of leaves to watch as they scuttle about. (In the cold winds, and rain.... :-( )

  9. Oh my! This is exactly how I feel!! I love summer, warmth, sun, early fall, but I hate the cold and lack of sunshine (sort of like a plant!)