Thursday, July 31, 2014

Throwback Thursday: My Favorite Things

Throwback Thursday: Just because I like this post, and also cats and Boyfriend and cheese.
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I posted this real texting between Boyfriend and me on facebook awhile ago:

Me: How was golf?
Boyfriend: I won! 

Me: YAY! There's nothing I like better than when u do good at golf
Me: Except maybe french fries
Me: Oh and les mis. But that's it!
Boyfriend: Um, aren't you forgetting something? 

Me: Cats? 
Me: Napping?
Me: I also have strong feelings about cheese. But stronger feelings about you! Mwah!
Boyfriend: it was napping.

In conclusion, I'm really romantic and probably deserve some kind of award. Also, this conversation made me want to sing:

Did I mention kittens? 



Note: this list was not all inclusive. I also love ducks and money and my iphone and french fries and pie. 


  1. I love your song!!!! My favorite part was "When the wine goes baaaaaaad"

  2. When the dogs fight, when a fee stings, when I feel like crap. I simply remember my bottles of wine (mixed with prescription drugs), and then I don't feel so bad.