Friday, July 27, 2012

I Don't Do Well in the Heat.

This probably is not a huge shock to anyone, but I do not do well in the heat. I become sweaty angry Gia. And in case you haven’t noticed or read my post from earlier this month, the entire east coast has been about 10,000 degrees.

Yes, this is becoming a problem. Especially because the ac at work is fickle, so sometimes my side of the building ends up getting super hot.

Yes, it makes my hair frizzy and my makeup run.
And you know what else I hate about the heat? Cars. Thank God Boyfriend got me a sun visor because this was happening every day:

Wait, you can’t tell what’s happening here? Let me explain:
Seriously. Dark interior suuuucks.
I’ve been blasting in the ac in my apartment to keep cool.

Boyfriend's reaction:
No, no I do not.
Sure, my bank account is sad, but it’s worth it.

One of the few things I do miss about my old apartment was the pool. I’ve actually been driving home on the weekends to chill at my parent’s little above ground pool. It’s the only thing that seems to work.

Happy Gia:

Wait, happier Gia:
Everything is better with ice cream.


  1. Maybe if you pretended to have a heat stroke in at your desk, your work would be forced to fix the AC or purchase you a miniature personal AC unit?
    Also, I only wish weather reports were forced to use the phrase "hot as fuck."

  2. I'm soooooooo over the east coast!! omgGGGGGGGGgggg the heat and humidity is KILLINGGGGGG MEEEEEE.

    I want to go back to my little city by the bay in CA, where "hot as fuck" actually equals those rare days when it reaches 70 degrees. And "fucking cold" is 50 degrees.


  3. Hot as balls? Actually, balls are on the outside of the body because that keeps them a few degrees cooler, which is better for sperm production.

    Hmm, this is the second time I've posted about balls today. I'm starting to think I'm some sort of expert.

  4. You swim with your clothes on?? To each their own. I'm pretty happy about the 90 degrees weeks. I don't mind the humidity as long as it's lower than 50%. Yea... I like my climate tropical.

  5. We live in a vicious cycle here on the East Coast:
    August: "Jesus Effin' Pete! It's so frikkin' hot outside, I just want to rip my skin off and walk about with my guts showing. And is that fat guy wearing a THONG!?"
    February: "Jesus Effin' Pete! I am so frikkin' tired of my snot freezing in my nose. And what the hell is wrong woth that fat guy? Okay, I'll GO to Florida!!"
    October/May: "Hey, it's pretty nice outside. I am so looking forward to making snowmen/having outdoor barbecues."
    Better than living in someplace like Lousiana, though. Their seasons:
    Frikkin' Hot.
    Frikkin' Hot and Moist
    Alligators and snakes.
    Cooler. Just hot now.
    Mardi Gras.
    Below freezing (one afternoon).
    Alligators and snakes taking a break.
    Getting hotter.
    Return to frikkin' hot.

  6. By the way, oh what a versatile word "fuck" is:
    Hot as fuck.
    Cold as fuck.
    Dumb as fuck.
    Smartern' fuck.
    Fat as fuck.
    Skinny as fuck.
    Ugly as fuck.
    Hungriern' fuck.
    Hornier than fuck (I think this is redundant, though).

  7. Oh the heat can be so annoying! I feel your pain with the ac, we don't ever have it on in our office because it smells funky, so we all just sit and sweat to death instead. Which obviously leads to panda eyes and frizz hair.. which is something that men will never understand but that us girls know is truly one of the worst things to ever happen in public. Ever.

    Bring on winter x

  8. Compared to last summer in Texas, (40+ days of 100+ temps and no rain) this summer is glorious. Sure, we've had some 100+ days, but we've had rain, and the tar on the roads has yet to get so hot it melts and sticks to my tires and underside of my car.

  9. I hate the heat, I can't wait until it's winter again. I got excited yesterday because the temperature dropped quite a lot, but it's soared right back up again today...I think it was just teasing me.

  10. I love your Thursday forecast! Ha.

  11. Bwa ha ha ha. This is how it is at our house too. I'll be dying of sweat poisoning with the AC cranked up to deep freeze (which invariably come out as slightly chilly) and Daddy G will ask me why the hell we're raising penguins and damn it, was that a polar bear over there?? It's hot, the A.C. is on, argument over.

  12. Make the ice cream a wine slushie and ahh, relaxation!

  13. It's hot in the Pacific Northwest lately too, well hot for us. Hubs was raised in snow country though and anything over 75 practically kills him. I came home twice this week to find him out cold (no, not really cold) in the dark, shadowy bedroom with the turbo fan on HIGH. We don't have AC. :(

  14. its the humidity that kills me. 38 C I can the beach with a pineapple beer and sitting half in the water so I don't have to walk to the public bathroom...

  15. Seriously, it has been too hot for me to even enjoy my ice cream! It either melts too damn fast making my sprinkles angry or the heat causes an immediate curdling reaction in my stomach that leaves me scanning for the nearest bathroom!

  16. What about poor me in Florida? It's hideous, even worse than usual. Of course, we make up for it with our beautiful "winter."


    1. Yeah, in July and August, you're walking around in a bundt cake.

  17. For some reason I thought happy Gia would be holding a cocktail glass, But a cone will do. I guess,,,

  18. You should buy those make your own popsicle trays and make wine popsicles.

  19. Im the same way! I can not stand the heat and we are under a heat advisory. Looks like the son and I will be inside all weekend.

  20. Ah, I can relate... I too can't StAND the heat ..I live in Florida...ugg..and I always turn up the thermostat to freaking freezing in my apartment...only my roommate always seems shocked and acts as if it were too cold inside...but it's NOT!! Doesn't she see that it makes life livable!? :))

  21. here our electric bill is non-negotiable because its tropical. no choice, always hot. cant complain much because the other option would be thunderstorms which can wreak havoc at times. i live in AC most of the time.

  22. I love so much that you swim in your dress.

  23. I have a challenge for you, Gia!!! Try to create a post that I DON'T love!!!! I bet you can't do it!!!! ;)


  24. Everything is better with ice cream except using the third hole in your belt.

  25. That's what I miss about my old apartment, too: the pool. I FUCKING HATE THE HEAT!!!

  26. I'm in Texas and it's hot as fuck here too......we're probably more used to it, but hot is hot!

  27. Ice cream cone and a pool. My life would be so rich if I had those two things. You look so amazing in a chick with an icone.

  28. Ugh, I can completely relate. And people wonder why I never leave the basement. At least the temperature stays nice and cold down here all the time.

  29. I hate it when it's too hot! I can't do anything!

  30. Is that mint chocolate chip ice cream?

  31. I don't mind the heat because it makes me sweat. When I sweat, it feels as if I worked out, which means I don't really have to work out. It allows me to skip a day.