Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Camel

Do you guys remember way back when I had a dream about a camel, thus proving I'm psychic? Well, I did.  Which makes this conversation with Boyfriend very relevant to today's post:

Me: I had a dream you bought me star wars bed sheets for Christmas. And a matching tshirt
Boyfriend: I did! Weird
Me: You were pissy that I wasn’t more excited about em.
Boyfriend: They’re fucking nice is all
Me: Okay okay! Ill wear the shirt every day.
Boyfriend: Hells yeah

Boyfriend and I are exchanging Christmas presents tomorrow, and I’m super excited to give him his gifts. I’ll show you guys what I got him next week. In the meantime:

Christmas Camel’s Wish: Taco bell.

(Dude’s clearly stoned.) 

For other Christmas Animals, go here.   And stay tuned tomorrow for the exciting conclusion of Boyfriend's Business Trip!


  1. That camel is going to not like the results if he gets his Christmas wish. Taco Bell is probably made with the meat of his brethren. That conversation about your mythic sheets/shirt was really funny.

  2. Fat camel. Waiting for the business trip continuation!

  3. hahaha. For every conversation with my hubby about my dreams(weird as yours) I get facepalm as reaction.
    The difference b/w your boyfriend and my husband is marriage I guess or may be yours will be this sweet alltime :)

  4. Your artistic capabilities never cease to amaze me. :) Thanks for another early morning laugh!

  5. oooooh. you should totally play the lotto this week! Make your skills come in useful!

    Also, star wars tshirt? Damn yea you should wear that every day!

  6. I'm a big fan of the word thus in anything.

    And there's nothing wrong with Taco Bell. Nothing! I swear they put crack in that shizz.

    The camel has such a sweetface, Gia. :-)

  7. too funny! can't wait to see what you guys got each other!

  8. I live near some of the best Mexican food in town, yet I still crave Taco Bell like once a month. It's a drug I tell you.

    Also, my masseuse put Star Wars sheets on the massage table once for me 'cause she knows I'm a total geek. I thought that was mighty nice of her.


  9. LMFAO @ a Christmas Camel craving taco bell!! Taco Bell scares the crap outta me & I don't scare easy. hahaha I can't wait to hear what your man bought you. :)

  10. I love Taco Bell! Sad but true. And I'm never stoned, so there's that.

    And Star Wars sheets sounds pretty cool, not going to lie.

  11. Camels aren't the first animal I think of when it's Christmas time, but it's quite fitting... poor stoned camel doesn't realize he's wandered into the north pole.

  12. Umm I love this blog! New follower!

  13. Did you buy him.... A CAMEL?? Because THAT would be fantastic x

  14. Oh dear! I hope the camel doesn't eat too much taco bell and throw up on your new Star Wars sheets or t-shirt! It would just ruin them and you would have to throw them out! (Hint, hint...this is the story you use if you actually get those sheets & t-shirt tomorrow and want to get rid of them without hurting your boyfriend's feelings).

  15. Were they Star War sheets from the 70's or the more recent ones with Natalie Portman. I think I'd be terrified if Carrie Fisher with the hairdo was on the sheets I was sleeping on.

    If I were the Camel I'd keep driving around until I hit a White Castle. Much tastier when drunk or stoned than TB

  16. Haha, Star Wars sheets? Always a child at heart.

  17. Thanks for checking out my blog! Hope you visit again!
    I read through a post or two (or 50) and died laughing! I love your blog!

  18. I saw him before I even read the post and my first thought was that it was a stoned camel

  19. That camel is high as a kite, beautiful.

    When I was in Gambia, I fed a camel a whole bottle of coke. Should have offered him weed.