Monday, June 18, 2018

Everything Sucks.

This. Is. Nazi. Shit.

I really can't deal with the fact that we're committing human rights violations by separating children and parents at the border.  And I don't even *like* kids, so you know that if I think it's bad, it must be fucking horrible. 

Unfortunately, there's....not much we can do about it.  Check out, they organized protests last week and might be doing more activism. Give to the ACLU. Vote for people who want to #AbolishICE. Leave other things to do in the comments. 

Oh and always this:

Fuck that little troll jeff sessions, too. 


  1. It's an appalling situation and you are right to be outraged. America must make Trump pay at the upcoming midterms.

  2. I've been pretty blown away by how strong the pushback has been on this issue, especially from people who don't normally speak up publicly. I'm hopeful it will make a difference!

  3. He needs to be stopped much sooner than later. He is turning us into a shithole country.