Monday, January 16, 2017

MLK 2016



  1. That civil rights stuff is pretty great, sure, but it's just another day to me. :(

    -guy who works from home

  2. Hope you are having a great day off. Let's hear it for Federal Holidays...oh and civil rights is a good thing too.

  3. Did you see that Biloxi, MS doesn't call it MLK Day, they called it "Great Americans Day." That's some deep racism if you can't even bring yourself to celebrate Martin Luther King. That's something my grandpa would do (he was casually, but deeply racist, but he's dead, so fuck him, right).

    1. I did! How gross. So this is actually an old MLK post from a couple of years ago that I scheduled before the John Lewis stuff went down. After, I was slightly concerned people were thinking I might be serious about downplaying if they didn't know what a giant progressive I was. NO YOU GUYS! I LOVE MLK! YAY CIVIL RIGHTS REALLY!

      Ok, gotta go make my protest signs for this weekend now.