Sunday, January 8, 2017

January Junk Food Dump

(Weird post title, I know. Bear with me.)

So, it's January. Which means for many people, including me, it's time to get back on that ol' healthy eating wagon. 

Yep. Off the floor, on the wagon. 

Yeah. And everyone goes:

And thus begins the annual month long exercise of bringing junk food to the office. AKA the January Junk Food Dump. 

I mean, I get it. Full disclosure: I've done this in the past to get junk food out of my own house. But it suuuuuucks. 

Wahhh. I really need to go cold turkey on the junk food, so there's no little "treats" for me. And of course, there are always coworkers like this:

The metabolically blessed. GLARE. 

Sigh. Hopefully the junk time is winding down. Til then, I have to #staystrong

I still don't understand how that's not a winning argument. 


  1. It's the most wonderful time of the year! With chocolate a flowing and sugar winds blowing. All I need is a beer! It's the most wonderful time of the year!
    That sung, stay strong. Or, hire me. For the right price (plus lodging) I will come to your office and eat all of the sweets (and in a really disgusting way that'll make them unappetizing) so that you won't. My prices are reasonable.

  2. I want whatever the hell that pink thing is.

  3. I am exactly where you are. Dumping any remaining food that is equally awesome in it's tastiness as it is in it's ability to put lard on my ass. I hate my metabolism.

  4. I think most of ours is gone. Thank goodness we have a younger guy who can eat nonstop and not do any obvious damage. "Give it to Hunter. He'll eat anything!"

  5. Isn't it the worst?! Fortunately, this doesn't happen in my office. Instead, there are bagels every morning. And fresh fruit... but bagels. I like salad and fruit and steamed stuff - Why is it so difficult to stop eating crap?!