Monday, September 26, 2016


My Saturday:


Good times. But then I chatted with Boyfriend. 

UGH. Overachievers. 

In my defense, I'm just trying to bond with kitty by engaging in her activities on the weekend. She's quite good at sleeping/sitting/texting/snapping at Boyfriend.


  1. I was bonding with several kitties on the sofa for much of Sunday. I learned some new napping techniques.

  2. No shame in relaxing. Those are the best Saturdays. Throw in a nap and you got something I would make a deal with the Devil to have.

  3. Some people use their weekends to achieve more than they did during the week, others use it to achieve less (and relax). I'm the latter. Not that I did anything during the week, mind you, but I don't do anything during the weekend, either.

  4. Haha!! We are soul sisters you and me!

  5. I think that sounds like a lovely weekend for you...not so much for boyfriend. Even reading about all he did makes me tired.