Monday, August 8, 2016

Polling Polling Polls

Two weeks ago:

polling from fivethirtyeight, according to memory. 



I know the polls won't stay like this forever, but good god they're enjoyable right now. 


  1. I can't pay attention to polls in the Summer. There's too much that can and will change, like you said. Wake me up in November... No, wake me up when the apocalypse ends. Thank you.

  2. According to this poll there's a 100% chance we're both going to be disappointed come November anyway.

  3. It is tough to know whether I should start packing my stuff or not. I mean, I might be getting deported. How far does he have to fall before I stop playing it safe?

    Can we call for a complete do-over?

  4. Maybe his "second amendment people" will finish off his chances for anything.

  5. Isn't it weird how the election is such a timing game? A few days can make a critical difference either way. Yikes.