Monday, November 30, 2015

The Blobbit

I'm sure you've all heard of fitbit, apple health app, and countless other health tracker/wearable devices. Well, for those with an active lifestyle, that's great. But what about the rest of us?

May I introduce to you...the BLOBBIT!

Keep up your sedentary lifestyle with this "anti fitbit" tracker that makes sure you're not doing too much!

Just like with fitbit, use the device to track your personal activity goals 

Right? Stop #netflixshaming.

The Blobbit HRM model tracks your heart rate to make sure you keep things nice and slow. 

Yep, hard to accidentally do any cardio with the Blobbit! In fact, it even tracks your standing time.

And if you actually try to work out, Blobbit is appropriately motivating. 

Man, I'm never gonna be able to do a pull up.
The Blobbit is only available online, of course. (This market doesn't go to stores very often.) Get yours today!


  1. Great idea, I have an internal Blobbit, so I won't be ordering.

  2. Isn't this my general internal monologue? Or alcohol?

  3. How have I lived this long without one?

  4. I know nothing about apps and feel confused and ashamed when people talk about them, but I want a Blob-bit. I especially like the idea of being congratulated for sitting on my ass.


  5. I'm so sick and tired of netflix's judging ways. It needs to end... Or I need to get a hobby..




  6. Fantastic. This would save me a lot of guilt.

  7. I'm heading to Target to see if they have an "Eat Pizza now" version.

  8. LOL Love it!!! I'd definitely be a great candidate for a trial of the Blob It. Please let me know. hahaha

  9. Ha! I've definitely been using one of those lately. I was so on board with the FitBit and then mine kept needing battery changes every 3 weeks as opposed to every 4-6 MONTHS. Seeya!

  10. Ha! That's definitely useful app for me. As I'm really have such a lifestyle I think I could lead the leader board!

  11. Put that up on Kickstarter and wait for the money to start rolling in.